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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Final Stage Podcast Episode 10

As part of the migration process from one site to this new site I'm re-posting the first 11 episodes here and will eventually only post here the show notes for the Final Stage Podcast. This is a re-post from Rambling Rican - February, 2016.

Graphic for Episode 10

Thanks to William as always for adding synopsis graphic of the episode content each month on the Final Stage Podcast!  All of our previous podcasts are officially up on iTunes and on the hosting site of Podbean in addition to William's YouTube channel.  Please show your support sharing the podcast on your favorite social media and help get the word out of the podcast!  Like, share and subscribe on YouTube. Also, rate and/or write a review up on iTunes and I'll read the 5 stars on the next podcast! ♥
Kong and Luci Romberg
Episode 10 - Direct Link
Just a quick update to let you know that the 10th episode for the Final Stage Podcast with William and I is out! All of our previous podcasts are officially up on iTunes and on the hosting site of Podbean. The episode went live about a couple hours ago and this time the iTunes version updated earlier this morning! It is of course uploaded on Podbean at the same time it goes live on iTunes as it's the main hosting site.

Published on Feb 5, 2016
USA vs The World has finally aired! However, you probably didn't hear about from NBC. But, you may have heard about Team Ninja Warrior. Or maybe the National Ninja League? Perhaps you heard that England is getting new episodes of Ninja Warrior based on Sasuke Rising? And if you haven't heard of any of that, you can listen to our picks for Team Ninja Warrior Trios.

All of those other things are better than USA vs The World. But at least Arsenette like this year's ANW vs The World better than the previous ANW vs The World.



Show notes:
0:23 Intro
5:05 William updates on his projects
10:11 Arsenette updates on her projects

13:11 UK TV network, Challenge will be airing new Ninja Warrior episodes based on Sasuke Rising
(Trailer uploaded to Arsenette's Twitter)
21:19 Recap of the latest Sasuke Nico Nico livestream
24:38 Team Ninja Warrior episodes 1-3 discussion
1:10:07 USA vs The World discussion (Rambling Rican Blog)
1:46:34 National Ninja League Finals preview
Fan questions answered!
1:52:41 Is USA vs The World a waste of time?
2:01:47 What do we think of Team Japan?
2:04:32 Who would we have sent to represent Team Japan?
2:08:53 What Team Ninja Warrior trios would we create?
2:21:34 Closing

Music Credits:
"Pipeline Pursuit"
by: Isaac Wilkins

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