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Friday, September 9, 2016

Final Stage Podcast Episode 17

Graphic for Episode 17
Thanks to William as always for adding synopsis graphic of the episode content each month on the Final Stage Podcast!  All of our previous podcasts are officially up on iTunes and on the hosting site of Podbean in addition to William's YouTube channel (with handy List of all Episodes). Please show your support sharing the podcast on your favorite social media and help get the word out of the podcast!  Like, share and subscribe on YouTube. Also, rate and/or write a review up on iTunes and I'll read the 5 stars on the next podcast! ♥
Episode 17 - Direct Link

Final Stage Podcast Episode 17: "Sasuke 32 Super Obstacle Course Obstacle Discussion"
Published on Sep 2, 2016
With Sasuke 32 reviewed and in the books, there's only one thing left to do: talk about the obstacles! Join William and Arsenette as they break down the course and decide what they would keep and what should be destroyed.

Also, William updates on ANW, the return of Team Ninja Warrior and the National Ninja League, Sasuke's return to US TV, and we answer your GLORIOUS questions!




Show notes:
0:30 Intro (& Olympics talk)
9:03 Update on Arsenette's projects
Rambling Rican posts/vlogs - August 13August 28, September 1
William attended NXT Takeover! ©William Marchese

14:08 William's month
Link to Nakamura's sing along song by the attendees at NXT Takeover
21:23 Sasuke Guessing Game XII Results
24:20 Esquire's Ninja Warrior Labor Day Marathon update!
35:17 National Ninja League Season 2 has begun!
39:56 Team Ninja Warrior Season 2 has filmed!
44:07 William's new thoughts on ANW 8, so far
1:00:59 Sasuke 33 is happening next year

1:03:33 Obstacle discussion start (Photos of all the obstacles)
First Stage
1:04:01 Quad Steps & Rolling Hill
1:09:29 TIE Fighter
1:10:37 Music Box
1:12:04 Double Pendulum
1:13:40 Tackle
1:16:27 Warped Wall
1:17:17 Tarzan Rope & Lumberjack Climb

Makoto Nagano competing in Sasuke 18 on the Flying Chute

Referenced obstacle (Sasuke 18 introduced Flying Chute)

Second Stage
1:23:59 Cross Slider
1:25:16 Salmon Ladder Up & Salmon Ladder Down
1:26:32 Spider Walk & Spider Drop
1:27:21 Backstream
1:30:32 Reverse Conveyor
1:31:12 Wall Lift

Referenced obstacle (Travelator from American Gladiators)

Third Stage
1:37:52 Drum Hopper Kai
1:38:33 Flying Bar
1:41:52 Sidewinder R Kai
1:44:36 Ultra Crazy Cliffhanger & Vertical Limit Kai
1:48:57 Pipe Slider

Final Stage
1:53:46 Spider Climb & Salmon Ladder & Rope Climb

Viewer Questions!
1:57:53 Do you think Kakashi a.k.a. Dave Wittenberg should come back as the announcer for Ninja Warrior?
1:58:51 Japan's getting replaced by Latin America in ANW USA vs The World 2016. Are you still gonna blog it or not?
2:00:28 When it comes to American competitors in SASUKE do you classify them differently depending on how they came on the show?
2:02:48 Do you think there will be a Women of American Ninja Warrior?
2:09:51 More ANW 8 talk (with some past history)
2:17:14 Breaking News!
2:19:01 What were our reactions to the All Star runs?
2:26:21 How does our audience listen to the podcast? Link to Poll
2:32:37 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Isaac Wilkins

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