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Friday, October 7, 2016

Final Stage Podcast Episode 18

Graphic for Episode 18
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Episode 18 - Direct Link

Final Stage Podcast Episode 18: "VIKING!!! (And ANW, I guess)"

Published on Oct 7, 2016
Before Ninja Warrior debuted on G4, ESPN began airing a different obstacle course show from the same people producing Sasuke at the time. That show was called Viking. With marine themed courses and many familiar faces, join William and Arsenette as they talk about the original, family and celebrity versions of Viking, featuring runs from Nagano, Yamada, Akiyama, Yamamoto, Sato, Komiya, HG, and even The Octopus! Now that I think about it, having The Octopus compete on a nautical theme obstacle course makes a lot of sense. No wonder he did better on that show.

Also, we talk about the finale of ANW 8, Esquire's Ninja Warrior marathon, and more!


Show notes:
0:32 Intro
1:31 Arsenette's projects update
Book, videos, vlogs, interviews, etc.

Rambling Rican in Japan playlist on YouTube:

7:23 William's month
William on Console Wars panel:

10:05 Latest Sasuke news

12:05 Celebrity Ninja Warrior Announced:
17:53 Team Ninja Warrior College Edition airs in November
Geoff Britten - ANW 8 (Retirement announcement)

23:17 ANW 8 Stage 1 Part 2 Review
Twitter video - Jessie Graff
Stage 1 survivors - ANW8 ©NBC

33:23 ANW 8 Stage 2 Review
Twitter gif - Down Up Salmon Ladder ANW8
Twitter gif - Wall Flip for ANW8 (Drew)
55:49 ANW 8 Stage 3 Review
Twitter video - Drew's full 3rd Stage run
1:03:49 ANW 8 Final Stage and final thoughts

Jessie Graff at the 2016 Emmy Awards
1:09:23 ANW at the Emmys

Jessie Graff at the 2016 Emmy Awards

1:11:41 Jessie Graff discussion

1:23:09 Esquire's Ninja Warrior 3-day marathon discussion
Twitter broadcast of 25 reasons to worship Ninja Warrior.

Funniest moment in Sasuke history! Mitsuhiro Okitani 沖谷 光博

1:58:35 What happened to all the American Ninja Challenge winners?
2:01:00 Some Ninja Warrior talk from the G4 days

"Shark" footage from 25 reasons to worship Ninja Warrior that aired on G4TV

2:11:00 Original Viking Review
ESPN2 opening video

Ayako Miyake 三宅 綾子 trying to save herself on Cannonball Run in Viking 1

 Sasuke All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 completing the Ultimate Plank

Final Viking in Viking 2 (Nagano got to this) - This is the horizontal rope that goes across

 Then they switch to a vertical rope on the other tower

The Towers of Final Viking

 Sasuke All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 - Final Viking in Viking 2

Mister Sasuke All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 - Failing on Viking 3

Sasuke All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 in Viking 3

Sasuke All-Star Makoto Nagano 長野誠 in Viking 3 - Failing on the Parlay

Tako-Tencho (Mr. Octopus) Minoru Kuramochi (倉持 稔) with his Grandson - Family Viking

Final (Family) Viking in pouring rain

3:13:59 Family Viking Review

Masaki Sumitani 住谷 正樹 a.k.a. Razor Ramon Hard Gay (レイザーラモンHG Reizā Ramon HG?, occasionally HG, Razor Ramon Sumitani or just Hard Gay) - Celebrity Viking (Final)

3:31:41 Celebrity Viking Review: Eurosport2 - YouTube playlist 

Viking's opening graphic

3:45:15 Viking final thoughts
3:57:30 Closing

Music Credits:
by: Taylor Grover

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